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Mad, Sad, Glad retrospective format

Right now, are you mad, sad, or glad?

The retrospective asks participants to share what made them feel frustrated or annoyed (mad), disappointed (sad) and what made them feel happy or proud (glad).

This mad sad glad style retrospective encourages your team to be more emotionally-aware to help build a positive team dynamic, and provides an opportunity to reflect on issues and opportunities from a different perspective. It is important you remember the retrospective prime directive and focus on events, behaviours and processes – not on assigning blame or ‘guilting’ individuals.

List the things that are driving you crazy. What is stopping you from performing at your best?

What are some of the things that have disappointed you or that you wished could be improved?

What makes you happy when you think about this project? What are the elements that you enjoy the most?

Are you liking the Mad, Sad, Glad retro so far?

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