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The DAKI retrospective format

What do you regret giving away?

A DAKI (Drop, Add, Keep, Improve) retrospective helps you identify specific features, behaviors or activities that people in your project team think they should Drop, Add, Keep or Improve. This type of retrospective identifies differences in perceived values of each person in the team. It is a great way to re-energize the team and to gain new insights by having the team question the value from current practices and to refine them.

These could be anything that is distracting the team from project outcomes, to time wasting activities. The goal is that as these activities transition out, the value to the project should increase.

As new challenges arise during the course of the project, innovation is required to overcome this. These are things that the team now believe should be added to what they do to replace the things that have been dropped. This may be something technical, a process, a resource or even a new process.

These acts as the forget-me-not list that reminds the team of what needs to continue to happen in order to ensure the project is a success.

Finally, there might be some activities that are already happening, but with a little tweak could increase its impact. This is a space for incremental changes and evolution to refine the way the team works.

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