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A unique tool that stands out from the others with features such as

We got our ears on the streets

Pulling from the knowledge and expertise of real people is what makes a good product. That's exactly what we at Agile are doing, learning from our users. Here are some of the mind blowing features of this tool

with you, all the way

Compatible across all smart devices

On the go? No problem we got you. Open up Agile on any smart device and collaborate instantly with your teams. Also, enjoy the ability to participate anonymously.

Team Radars and Health Checks


Our in-built team Radars and Health Checks capture and track key dimensions giving valuable insight from the team at the front line. Team members feel heard, valued and able to see where problems might exist. Continuous improvement is just the start.

create, watch, assign, and track action items

All in one place

Add an action item with a single click, set the board and assign it to user. Add yourself as a watcher on an action item, and stay informed throughout it's lifecycle. You can convert any comment into an action item with a single click

Add Comments & Track Live Updates

Commenting made easy

In the Action tracker view you can set smart filters so that you can sort the board based on your requirements

smart analytics with exporting

Creative tools

Get smart analytics about average time between action item creation and its solution, you will also get statistics about team members performance and handling of action items
You can export the action items into a variety of formats e.g, TXT, CSV, DOCX.

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