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Retrospective Formats

Kicking off your first retro or just ready to explore something more fun and insightful? We are giving you a wide range of different retrospective techniques, all in one place. Get up and running within seconds, same with your team members.


Liked, Learned, Lacked, Longed For. By asking these questions, it can help open up the team to sharing their thoughts, bring out new ideas and foster a sense of being heard.

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Start, Stop, Continue

Action-oriented retrospective style, generating an immediate list of practical ideas for continuous improvement.

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Agile Retrospective

hile it is straightforward, it sends the basic message that you are listening and geared for improvement

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Mad, Sad, Glad

Frames discussion around the emotional journey of by your team during the previous sprint, and is a great way to identify opportunities to improve team morale and job satisfaction.

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DAKI (Drop, Add, Keep, Improve)

Identifies differences in perceived values of each person in the team. It is a great way to re-energize the team and to gain new insights by having the team question the value from current practices and to refine them.

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Starfish Retrospective

Help teams reflect on varying degrees of actions and activities rather than simply the traditional what went well or what did not go well.

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